Marina Lavastrou is an argentinian Graphic Designer & lllustrator specialising in fashion portraits and design for many areas (editorial, packaging, print, deco, textile, digital, interior).

Vintage & modern, feminine & romantic, narrative & whimsical, her style features delighting with a mix-collage of backgrounds, textures and colour palettes. She combines hand detailed pencil and watercolour with digital painting, using many overlapping layers and effects with transparency recreating with modern resources, a mix of tales in the same piece.

Marina is a Graphic Designer and Art Director with broad experience in areas such as Branding, Packaging, Advertising, Editorial and Print, and also applied Illustrations for many of this and also Deco, Textile, Interior, Fashion, Corporate and Events.
She has worked for many clients and companies such as Wineries, Newspapers, an Advertising Agency, Design Studios, a Print Factory, Fashion Co., a Beauty Laboratory and Retail company for US.

Her projects are managed from sketch to development and final design, included investigation.

Currently she is based in Buenos Aires, where she carries out a very intense artistic activity, learning and improving her style.
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