Dental Toothpaste for Kids
Toothpastes for Carrefour
Carrefour. Shampoo & Conditioner NO FRIZZ
CARREFOUR, Detergentes Ultra concentrados
CARREFOUR, Shampoo and Conditioner
CARREFOUR, Shampoo and Conditioner x 950 ml
LIFE QUALITY, Shampoo and Conditioner x 950 ml
CARREFOUR - Cream for Legs
Chez Yann, Boulangerie Française
Banner prize´s illustrations for Boulangerie Française
Mantelitos Chez Yann. Boulangerie française
Flyer Chez Yann. Boulangerie française
GREAT VALUE, Fabric Softner (Doypack)
Animated Institutional Card for 2013
PACKAGING for Insect Repellent
Apps for Iphone. Branding and Design for Game
Postcard Wedding Invitation
Lettering. Varios projects
CAMBIO DE ESTILO. Advertising Campaing
MAGAZINES. Various projects
LOGOS. Events
LOGOS. Social and Professional Services
LOGOS. Tech and Games
BRANDING - Illustrated Logos for Children
BRANDING - Cakes, Bakery and Beverages Logos
LOGOS. Food & Beverages
BRANDING. Logos for design professionals
BRANDING - Education Logos
Menu Coffee Vergnano Chile
Frozen Food Gourmet - Vynils Project
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