Paris Je t´aime. Cities Project Illustrations
New York Dreams! Cities Project. Illustrations
Mi Buenos Aires Querido. Cities Project. Illustrations
Benjamin Lacombe tribute. Poster.
Jake. Hipsterlove
Him. My version. (from the poster of the movie HER)
50 years Mafalda. Tribute to QUINO
Girl on Fire. Katniss Tribute
Mantelitos Chez Yann. Boulangerie française
Flyer Chez Yann. Boulangerie française
Ladies. Portraits
Women Who Run With the Wolves. Cover book illustration
Not an easy girl
Fashion Illustrations for different projects
Botanic Pattern Design for textile
Banner prize´s illustrations for Boulangerie Française
CARREFOUR, Shampoo and Conditioner x 950 ml
LIFE QUALITY, Shampoo and Conditioner x 950 ml
Fabric Softener Design
CARREFOUR - Cream for Legs
GREAT VALUE, Fabric Softner (Doypack)
Dental Toothpaste for Kids
Illustrations for Wedding Invitation
Apps for Iphone. Branding and Design for Game
Postcard Wedding Invitation
Cartoon Characters. Digital Illustrations
Cartoon and Avatars. Digital Illustrations
Infographic Illustrations for Dental Health
BRANDING - Illustrated Logos for Children
BRANDING - Cakes, Bakery and Beverages Logos
LOGOS. Food & Beverages
Portraits. Vector and Digital illustrations
Vynils for decoration and interior design
Frozen Food Gourmet - Vynils Project
T-Shirts designs
Portraits drawings. Many sketches
Handrawing sketches. Hands and Feets studio
Study of Human Body. Handrawings
Fashion Illustrations
Celebrities Portraits for Fashion
Fashion Drawings for Men Collection
Color drawings. Studio sketches in different techniques
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