LIFE QUALITY, Shampoo and Conditioner x 950 ml

Shampoo and Conditioner Life+Quality was one of the main brands of the company mostly used for cosmetics products. In this case, it requires a redesign in new labels for a diary family care product, also the 950 ml bottle. So it was an economy product with other level quality but with abstract, sophisticated and artistic images for each variety. Strong colors complete the final appearence to recreate the system. A very callygraphic project.

LIFE QUALITY, Algae - Shampoo and Conditioner art
LIFE QUALITY, Ceramides - Shampoo and Conditioner art
LIFE QUALITY, Apple - Shampoo and Conditioner art
LIFE QUALITY, Wheat Proteins - Shampoo and Conditioner art
LIFE QUALITY, Shampooes and Conditioners art
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